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I ended up watching youtube on 31 December: well, not all night, justin the witching hour before its time to go out and pay tribute to the New Year at midnight and after dinner when theres not really much to do. And so, what made me laugh? Well, I discovered Victoria Wood. How is it I hadn’t really heard her before? Is she still around? Here she is, and most brilliant and wonderful at that:

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  1. Oh Ivana, of course the blessed Victoria is still around and working! But not as often on telly as she used to be. She started off doing a lot of stuff with Julie Walters for a while, including a show called (unimaginatively) Wood and Walters, a mixture of music, jokes and sketches.

    Google “Acorn Antiques” and you will probably find some clips from the parody of cheap soaps they did on one of her series of shows – it was principally (I think) a parody of Crossroads, which was Birmingham’s best known shaky scenery soap, with so many episodes each week that they really didn’t do re-takes unless absolutely necessary.

    Victoria has a lovely form of humour which is both gentle and sharp at the same time. She’s just a little too low profile to be an official National Treasure (a la David Attenborough or perhaps Stephen Fry).

    She also wrote and acted in a sitcom called Dinner Ladies, which I never quite “got” but many people really enjoyed (I think it was more popular with women than men). She insisted on a neat trick to ensure that all the laughter was genuine hear-the-joke-for-the-first-time chortling: they recorded the show live on two consecutive nights with two different audiences without any retakes on each night. They then used one of the takes and spliced in scenes or shots from the other where an actor (or technician) might have made a slight mistake. Isn’t that clever?

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